How to collaborate offline in Revu

This article applies to:

  • Revu 21
  • Revu 20

There may be times when you’re required to work offline in Revu, such as when you work on remote job sites or in organizations with a secured network that limit access to Bluebeam Studio. This article outlines two workflows that enable you to work offline.

Linear review

With linear review, each reviewer takes a turn to review, add markups, and comment on a document before handing it off to the next reviewer.

  1. Reviewer A reviews the drawings and adds markups.
  2. Reviewer A notifies Reviewer B and sends them the revised PDF.
  3. Reviewer B reviews the drawings, adds markups, and replies to previous markups.
  4. Reviewer B notifies the next reviewer in line and sends them the revised PDF.

These steps continue until the review is complete.

Asynchronous review

With asynchronous review, each reviewer works on a copy of the primary PDF(s). Afterward, a document administrator transfers all markups to the primary PDF.

  1. The administrator distributes copies of the primary documents to all reviewers.
  2. All reviewers add their markups and submit their copies back to the administrator.
  3. The administrator exports the markups from all of the reviewers.
  4. The administrator imports the markups from each copy into the primary PDF.

The administrator distributes updated copies of the documents to all reviewers for further review.


Revu 20

Revu 21

This article explains how to work offline using Revu.

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