Access your Revu 21 subscription offline

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With a Revu 21 subscription, you can temporarily work offline if connection is lost or when at a jobsite without internet access.

Authentication error message

After 14 consecutive days of offline usage, you’ll receive the following message upon launching Revu:

Revu 21 Authentication Message

Reauthenticate your subscription account

To regain full access to your Revu 21 subscription:

  1. Reconnect your device to the internet.
    To reauthenticate, you must connect to the internet on the same desktop or laptop that has been running Revu offline.
  2. Open Revu.
  3. In the top right corner of the menu bar, select Sign In.
    Revu 21 Sign In
  4. Enter your BBID login credentials in the Sign In dialog box.
  5. Select Sign In.

Now your BBID account is reauthenticated, and you can access your Revu 21 subscription offline for another 14-day period.

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