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The Split View feature in Revu makes it easy to compare multiple documents or versions of a document at the same time.

You can activate Split View in the following ways:

  • Go to View > Split Horizontal (Ctrl+H) to split your open tab across a horizontal line.
  • Go to View > Split Vertical (Ctrl+2) to split your open tab across a vertical line.
  • Alternatively, these options are also available in the Navigation Bar (F4).
    Split Views Status Bar

Once you’ve activated Split View, Revu will duplicate your active tab, allowing you to view multiple areas of the same document from different splits.

You can create up to sixteen split views. If you need to view multiple documents at once, open a new document. You can then click-and-drag on the split tabs to arrange them as needed.

Detached Split View

  • Click-and-drag a tab away from the main Revu window to create a separate window with the selected tab. Alternatively, you can right-click, then select Detach.
  • Hold Ctrl while dragging on a document tab to create a duplicate tab in a separate window.
Once detached, these windows may be dragged and resized like any other window. Detached tabs are particularly useful for multi-monitor setups.

Synchronize Vews

Revu also allows you to sync your panning and zooming across splits. You can enable this function in two ways:

  • Go to View > Synchronize Document or Synchronize Page.
    • Synchronize Document syncs document pages by page index, so if you’re on page 1 in document A, document B will automatically go to page 1.
    • Synchronize Page synchronizes the pages currently being viewed, regardless of page index. This method is best if you are looking at multiple documents, or multiple pages of a single document.
  • Toggle this mode by clicking Synchronize Views in the Status Bar. The button will be highlighted blue while active.
    Synchronize Views
    If the Status Bar isn’t visible in your instance of Revu, press Fn+F8.

Switch Split Orientation

After activating Split View, you can quickly switch between horizontal or vertical splits with Ctrl+I.

This is different from using Split Vertical (Ctrl+2) or Split Horizontal (Ctrl+H). Using one of these functions a second time creates an additional vertical or horizontal split, respectively.

Reset view

Lost your place in your documents? Press Shift+F12,and Revu will reset the view for every split.


Once you’re done with a split, click Unsplit (Ctrl+Shift+2) to remove your active tab from the split view. This is different from closing the tab. The unsplit tab is returned to the original tab row.

Split View Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Split Vertical (Ctrl+2): Splits the screen vertically.
  • Split Horizontal(Ctrl+H): Splits the screen horizontally.
  • Ctrl+Shift+2: Closes the selected split.
  • Ctrl+I: Switches between Split Vertical and Split Horizontal.
  • Ctrl+1: Switches or moves a document between splits.
  • Shift+F12: Returns the view to equally sized splits.

Additional Split View Tips

  • You can press Ctrl+Tab to switch your active tab. You can hold Ctrl and press Tab repeatedly to quickly cycle through all of your tabs and splits.
  • Hover over a document tab to see a document tab preview. This preview window will display the first page of the document, as well as the file path where the document is saved.
  • You can right-click on any document tab to open a context menu containing many of the commands mentioned here, including Split Horizontal, Split Vertical, Switch, and Detach.


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