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In Studio, you can set notifications and alerts that help you stay updated on changes made to Sessions and Projects.

These messages fall into two categories:

  • Notifications are emails that summarize Studio activity either for your Bluebeam Studio account or for individual Sessions and Projects.
  • Alerts are both sent and received by all attendees in a Session in real-time.

Both notifications and alerts may be customized to suit your preferences.


Depending on your Studio Notification Preferences, your Studio emails can contain any combination of the following:

  • All Session and Project activity
  • Markup Alerts
  • Session Updates
  • Project Updates

Additionally, you can change notification preferences for individual Projects and Sessions.

Setting your notification preferences

To set your notification preferences:

  1. Log into Studio.
  2. Right-click on a Session or Project.
  3. Select Manage Notifications, which opens a web tab within Revu called Studio Notifications Preferences. Manage Session Notifications

Enable notifications for this project will turn on notifications for the current Session or Project. This setting is connected to the selections you make in the Account Preferences section, which determine the type of information you’ll receive in the notification email.

If you don’t want to receive notifications for this specific Session or Project, leave the check box empty.

Setting your account preferences

This is where you decide what type of information you would like to receive in the emails, as well as their frequency.

  • Send me a daily digest of all Session and Project activity: You’ll receive a single email at the end of each day containing an overview of all Studio activity related to your account. In other words, you’ll only receive notifications for active Sessions and/or Projects you’ve previously logged into.
  • Send me an email about markup alerts: Studio sends you an email whenever someone sends you a Markup Alert. This comes in handy if you weren’t logged into the Session when the original alert was sent. The email also contains a direct link to the markup you’re being alerted to. Click on the link and Revu will open with the markup in view.
  • Send me an email when a Session is updated: You’ll receive an email whenever a file has been added or removed from a Session.
  • Send me an email when a Project is updated: An email will be sent whenever a change is made to a Project.
To keep from flooding your inbox with notifications, Studio checks for applicable events every 10 minutes. For example, if there are 50 changes in a 10-minute interval, you will receive a single email with those details, instead of 50 separate emails.

Once you’ve made your selections, save them by clicking Apply.

Managing other projects and sessions

If you’d like to receive notifications for other Projects or Sessions you’ve previously logged into, select Manage other Projects and Sessions located below the Account Preferences section to reveal the lists of applicable Sessions and Projects. Remember to select Apply to save your changes.


This Studio Sessions feature allows you to send real-time alerts to other attendees. The alerts appear in the Notifications section at the bottom of their Studio panel. When they click on an alert, they’re taken straight to the markup within the file. However, for this to work, the Session host will need to enable Markup Alert permissions for attendees:

  1. Log into the Session and click Session Settings .
  2. In the Session Settings dialog box, click the Permissions tab. By default, the Markup Alert permission is set to Deny.
  3. Click on Markup Alert, select Allow from the dropdown menu, and click OK.

Sending a markup alert

The first time you send an alert, right-click on a markup, then go to Alert Attendee > Choose to open the Alert Attendee or Group dialog box, where you can choose who you would like to send it to.

If you’ve previously sent alerts in this Session, the previous recipients will be listed when you go back into the Alert Attendee option. If the attendee you want to send an alert to is not listed, select Other. If you’re the host of the Session, you’ll have the option to select groups of attendees as well.

Only Session attendees will appear in this list. Once you have alerted a user or group, that user or group will appear in the context menu for quick access.

If you’d like to select more than one attendee, you can do so by holding down Ctrl or Shift. When you’ve finished making your selections, select OK to immediately send the alert.

Once you’ve done this, alerted recipients will see the Notifications tab flashing at the bottom of their Studio panel. From this tab, users can click on the alert to see the corresponding markup in the document. At this point, the alert will be grayed-out and may be deleted by clicking the location to the right of it.

If you miss a Markup Alert email, you’ll see an indicator next to any Sessions with pending alerts the next time you log in.




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