Best practices for documents with multiple digital signatures

Applies to:

  • All versions of Revu

Revu offers two different methods for adding digital signatures to a PDF, both of which can be used in situations where multiple signatures are required.

Never made a digital signature?

Before reading further, you can learn what digital signatures are and find out how to create one.

Add multiple digital signature fields without certification

Adding a digital signature field without certification is the simplest option, and gives everyone the flexibility to create their own signature fields or apply a signature within an existing field.

Signature Fields can be added to a document by selecting the function in the Signatures panel , or by going to the Tools menu and selecting Signature > Add Signature Field (X).

This method doesn’t prevent further edits to the PDF after it’s signed, and any changes will invalidate the signatures. (You can always re-validate a signature by right-clicking on it and selecting Validate Signature).

Certify a document for multiple signatures with restrictions

If you don’t want to allow changes after signing, or if you want to protect the signatures, consider certifying the document after all the signature fields have been created. This process involves adding the required number of Signature Fields, and then certifying the document before any signatures are applied.

Once a document is certified, all corresponding toolbars and menus for the restricted features will be disabled in Revu, Adobe Acrobat, and any other PDF application.

The basic workflow for this method involves one person creating the document and adding signature fields. That person will sign the document, then pass it on to the relevant signees.

Creating the signature fields
  1. From the Menu bar, go to Tools > Form > Digital Signature .
  2. Click and drag the first signature field. Repeat the process for however many signatures you need.

Now that the fields have been created, you can sign the document yourself.

Signing the document
  1. Click the Signature field that you need to sign.
  2. Choose the Digital ID you want to use and type in the password if needed.
  3. In the Signature Type section, check Document Certification.
  4. Under Permitted changes after certifying, choose Fill in forms and digital signatures from the list.
  5. Fill in the options, and edit the appearance of the signature as needed.
  6. Click OK.

Afterwards, you will need to save the document. You can now send the document to the other signees, who will follow the instructions for signing the document above.

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