Working with Sets

Sets allows users to open a collection of documents in a single view with the pages organized in a specified sorted order, including any revisions and addenda. Users can navigate through multiple files as though they were one document without actually merging them into a single file. Additionally, files that normally cannot be combined due to PDF security or digital signatures can be viewed as a cohesive collection.

Caution: Sets underwent a major upgrade with Revu 2015, including the introduction of Sets Categories, automatic revision matching, and a caching system to improve responsiveness. Sets created in Revu 2015.1 or greater can be opened in Revu versions 11 through 12.6, but they will not benefit from all of these improvements.  Further, if a Set is created in Revu 2015.1 or greater and is later opened and saved in one of these earlier versions of Revu, any Sets Categories that were set up will be lost. It is recommended that such Sets be placed in a DMS like Studio Projects with the permissions for the Set configured to Read Only and permissions for the PDFs within the Set configured to Read-Write: users will be able to write to the files comprising the Set, but the Set itself will be secured.