Tools Menu

The Tools menu provide tools for working with several types of annotations, including measurements and markups, stamps, form fields, digital signatures, and more. It is accessed by clicking Tools on the Menu bar.

Hyperlink (SHIFT+H): Create and view hyperlinks in a PDF.

File Attachment (F): Embeds a file in the PDF.

Toolbars Menu: Contains available toolbars. The three toolbars at the top are fixed. See Status Bar, Navigation Bar, and Properties Toolbar for more information about them. The others are customizable. See Toolbars for more information about them.

Reuse: When enabled, after placing a markup, the same markup can be added to the PDF without having to reselect it. This mode is helpful when adding the same markup onto the PDF sequentially. This is the same tool that is shown on the Status Bar; toggle it on or off in either place.