Starting a Studio Session Workflow

When starting a Studio Session, you can upload Session documents, establish universal permissions, and invite attendees. In some cases, this will be sufficient for the Session and there will be no need to go any farther. Common actions taken after a Session has been created include setting up individual and group permissions, inviting new attendees, and uploading additional documents.

If you don't already have an account on a Studio Server (either one your organization is running or Bluebeam's free server), you will need to establish one first (if you've ever signed into a Studio Project or Session before, you already have one of these). See Create a Bluebeam Studio Server Account to set one up on Bluebeam's open Studio server or Create and Manage Studio Accounts for more information about configuring Revu to use your own Studio server.

These procedures cover starting a new Studio Session from scratch. If you want to start a Session using documents from a Studio Project, see Adding Project Files to a Studio Session.