Punch and Back Check Workflow

Use Bluebeam Revu to eliminate steps and preserve the integrity of the markups as you perform punch walks and back checks. Revu can eliminate the printing and complex folding that costs organizations money. It can also eliminate the time-consuming task of slicing sketches out of the original drawing, blowing them up and photocopying them onto smaller sheets. In Revu, you always have access to the original drawing, and you can make zoomed-in sketches quickly, easily, and on the fly. The information can be distributed to as many contractors as need it at a low cost and with less risk of error. It can be exported quickly and easily into Excel or other spreadsheet programs as well. Bluebeam also allows notes to be distributed in the original context as well as a sorted database, providing responsible parties more, and easier access to, visual information.

This section covers the Punch and Back Check workflow. The following topics are addressed:

Importing a Profile

Creating a Template

Working with Spaces

Performing Punch with the Tool Chest

Creating a Punch List with the Markups List

Performing Back Check with the Markups List