Creating custom symbols

Applies to:

  • Revu 2017 and older

The purpose of creating a Symbol is to save time by creating something once that can be reused multiple times. The last Insider discussed when to use a Symbol or Stamp. This Insider will cover how to create a symbol – which is as easy as draw, group and drag.

Step 1: Draw the symbol using markup tools in Revu

Draw the elements of the symbol using the markup tools in Revu. You can use Lines line, Circles circle, Rectangles rectangle, etc, to create what will become the symbol.

Step 2: Select and Group the elements

Select all of the elements. There are a number of different ways to select multiple elements in Revu. You can hold down the Shift key and select the elements with your mouse one at a time, use the Select select tool and draw a rectangle around all of the elements, use the Lasso lasso tool to select elements that cross an irregular shaped area, or select multiple items in the Markup list.Group the elements together. There are two ways to group elements after they are selected. The easiest way is to press Ctrl+G. The other is to right-click on one of the elements and then select Group. The blue boundary lines and handles for each element change into a single boundary line and set of handles after they are grouped.

Step 3: Drag to My Tools

A Symbol can be saved in the Tool Chest and easily reused, which saves a lot of time. If the Tool Chest tool-chest is not displayed, press Ctrl-X. You will see the newly created symbol under the Recent Tools section of the Tool Chest. Click the symbol and drag it into the My Tools section just above. Now the symbol is available to be used at any time.To add your symbol to the PDF file, simply click it in My Tools and then click on the PDF.Please check out these videos and articles on adding to the Tool Chest , grouping markups and adding to the Tool Chest . You can also download additional tool sets from the Revu eXtensions page.

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