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In Revu 21, you can create form fields that support simple calculation formulas. In this article, we cover how to set up simple calculation fields for your PDF forms.

Add calculation fields to forms

In the Form Properties panel, the Calculate property of a form field is set to Value is Not Calculated by default. You can change this property to Calculation Field to generate sums (+), products (x), averages, minimums, and maximums from form input.

A common calculation is Quantity x Price = Total. To create these calculation fields for your form, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new PDF or an existing form in Revu.
  2. Go to Tools > Form > Text Box.
  3. Click-and-drag a text box on your PDF form.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to create three text boxes total.
  5. From the Forms panel (Alt+Q), change the name of the first text box (Text1) to Quantity.
    You can also right-click the first text box and select Properties to update the name from the Form Field Properties panel.
  6. Rename the second text box (Text2) as Price.
  7. Rename the third text box (Text3) as Total.
    Form Text Boxes
  8. Right-click the Total field on the PDF form.
  9. Select Properties.
  10. In the Form Field Properties panel, scroll down to Calculate.
  11. From the first dropdown, select Calculation field.
  12. Choose product (x) from the second dropdown.
    Calculation Form Field
  13. Click Select.
  14. Select both Quantity and Price.
    Select Form Fields
  15. Click OK.

Now, when numerical values are entered in the Quantity and Price form fields, the Total will automatically calculate. To learn more about using advanced formulas, JavaScript, and/or scripts with your calculation form fields, see this article.


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Learn how to set up simple calculation fields for your PDF Forms in Revu 21.

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