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You can work with Studio Project and Session files in Revu without an internet connection. Designate the files that you’ll need to access while you’re away, and any edits you make are automatically synced to your Project or Session when you reconnect.

Your Revu 21 subscription plan won’t allow you to work offline indefinitely. You must log in to reauthenticate your account after being offline for 14 consecutive days. For more information, see Access Your Revu 21 Subscription Offline.

Studio Projects

Preparing to work offline

  1. Open the  Studio  panel, and open your Studio Project.
  2. To designate the files you want to work with, hover over a file or folder and click the  Set to Sync  button on the right. The icon will become solid green to indicate the file or folder is ready to sync. Files that haven’t been marked as Set to Sync are not available when you work offline.
    If a folder is set to sync, all the subfolders and the files within it will sync as well.
  3. Right-click the top-level Project folder in the Project tab, and select  Sync  to create locally cached copies of the files. The folder is in the Project tab with an Invite button to the right.
  4. To check out the files you’ll need while working offline, right-click the file, and select Check Out.
    Checking out the files ensures others from making changes to them. When you check out a file, it’s added to the Pending section at the bottom of the Studio panel.
  5. To begin working offline, select the Connected  button at the top of the Studio panel.
  6. In the confirmation dialog, select OK

Uploading your changes when you are back online

While working offline, edit and save the document the same way you normally would.

Don’t use the Save As or Export options, because they create a new version of the document, and any changes you make won’t be synced with the version in the Project.

When you reconnect to the internet, you can sync your files to the Studio Project.

  1. Select the Offline  button at the top of the Studio panel.
  2. Right-click the documents in the Pending list and select Check In.
  3. In the dialog, you can add revision comments, then select Check In.

To learn more about Studio Projects and Studio offline, see the Revu Help Guide.

Studio Sessions

Open files before going offline

When you upload files to a Studio Session, Revu stores them in the cloud. To open the most recent version of a Session file, you’ll need an internet connection. Before going offline, connect to a Studio Session and open the files you plan to work with offline. The files are automatically downloaded and cached in the Session, which ensures that you have the most recent versions of your documents.

Working offline

After you’ve opened your files, you can go offline and work as you normally would. Any markups made to your Session document will be preserved and automatically synced with the Session when you reconnect to the internet.

Markups made while offline display a Pending Upload icon and are listed in the Pending tab at the bottom of the Studio panel.

Any changes made to a Session file while offline are entered into the Session Record with timestamps corresponding to the time they were uploaded to the Session (such as when reconnected to the internet). However, the Creation Date column in the Markups List will reflect the actual date and time of creation.

To learn more about working with Studio Projects and Studio Sessions offline, see the Revu Help Guide.


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