Syncing Studio Project files without an internet connection | Revu 2019

You can work with Project files in Revu even without an internet connection. Designate the files that you will need to access while you’re away, and any edits will be synced to your Project once you reconnect.

Preparing to work offline

  1. Open the Studio panel and open your Studio Project.
  2. To designate the files you want to work with, hover over a file or folder and click the Set to Sync button on the right. The icon will become solid green to indicate that the file or folder is ready to sync.
    If a folder is set to sync, all of the subfolders and the files it contains will sync as well.
  3. Right-click the top-level Project folder in the Project tab and click Sync to create locally cached copies of the files. The folder is in the Project tab and will have an Invite button to the right of it.
  4. Check out the files you will need while working offline. This locks the files so no one else can make changes to them. Right-click on the file and click Check Out . When you check out a file, it is added to the Pending Changes section at the bottom of the Studio panel.
  5. To manually begin working offline, click the Connected button at the top of the Studio panel. A dialogue box appears confirming that you would like to work offline. Click OK. Alternatively, Revu will automatically switch to offline mode once the Internet connection is lost.

Now you can markup and work with the files you have synced without an Internet connection. Files that have not been marked as Set to Sync are not available when working offline.

Uploading your changes when you are back online

While working offline, edit and save the document the same way you normally would.

Don’t use the Save As or Export options, as they create a new version of the document, and any changes will not be synced with the version in the Project.

Once you have an internet connection, you can sync your files to the Studio Project.

  1. Click the Offline button at the top-right of the Studio panel.
  2. Right-click on the documents in the Pending Changes list and click Check In . A dialogue box opens.
  3. Add any desired comments to the comments box and then click Check In.

To learn more about Studio Projects and Studio Offline, see the Revu Help.

Do you need to work with Studio Project files without an internet connection? Learn how to prepare files for working offline and sync them later.

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