Customizing tablet preferences | Revu 2019

When you use Revu on a tablet PC, you can change your profile to Tablet Mode, which adjusts the interface in a variety of ways to suit tablet users. If you would like to further enhance your tablet experience, you can tweak the Tablet preferences.

To access the Tablet preferences:

  1. Go to Revu > Preferences (Ctrl+K) in the Menu Bar.
  2. Once the Preferences dialog box opens, select Window from the list on the left. You should be in the Tablet tab automatically.

Now you can fine-tune a number of settings, including:

  • Which Pen and Highlight cursor to use in tablet mode.
  • How Revu recognizes and selects text when using the Pen or Highlight tool.
  • The pressure sensitivity for the Pen and Highlight tools.
  • The time before markups are applied (this affects how your markups will be grouped).
  • Using the right-click button to activate the Lasso tool with the Pen or Highlight tools.

More information

Tablet Preferences (Manual) – In-depth information on tablet preferences.

Tablet PC Features (Manual) – Everything you can do in Revu with Revu and a tablet PC.

If you use Revu on a tablet, you can customize your experience with Tablet Preferences to make it more accessible for less real estate and touch screens.

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