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In Complete, Batch Slip Sheet automates the process of copying markups to multiple pages and PDFs. For more general information about this function, please see our Batch Slip Sheet tutorial.

Run Batch Slip Sheet

To transfer markups from one PDF to another, follow these steps:

  1. Open Revu.
    The PDFs in question don’t need to be open in Revu to run Batch Slip Sheet. However, having the PDFs open allows you to verify that markups transfer properly.
  2. Go to Batch > Slip Sheet.
  3. In the Batch Slip Sheet dialog box:
    1. Add the destination PDF(s) under Current Files.
    2. Add the PDF(s) with markups under Revised Files.

    Batch Slip Sheet Dialog Box
  4. Under Match By, select how you’d like to identify the page(s) that need the markups.
    Match By dropdown menu
    If the destination PDF has a different number of pages than the source file, select Page Label or Page Region to work around the discrepancy.
  5. Select Match Pages.
  6. The dialog box displays matched pages, and you can toggle to view unmatched pages.
    Matched vs. Unmatched Pages
  7. Under Options, use the dropdown to select Replace Current Pages with Revised Pages.
  8. Deselect Copy Markups from Current Pages to Revised Pages.
    Options Batch Slip Sheet
  9. Select OK.
  10. Next, you’ll see options for any unmatched pages. If you don’t want to extract any unmatched pages, select Skip.
    Unmatched Pages Options
  11. You’ll receive a batch summary and can save a detailed report to your computer.
    Batch Summary Report
  12. Select OK to save the report and/or run the Batch Slip Sheet process.

Your markups from the revised pages will appear on the current version. If you need to manually transfer markups to any unmatched pages, please see Transfer markups to another document for more detailed steps.


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Learn how Batch Slip Sheet in Revu 21 can automate the process of transferring markups from one PDF to a new version.

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