Revu 21 Release Notes

Revu 21 Release Notes

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20 September 2022

Revu 21 makes it easy to securely access your work anywhere. You can log into any desktop with Revu installed and access your project files, or send your Tool Chest to Bluebeam Cloud for markups on-the-go. You can learn more about Bluebeam Cloud here.

What’s New

Sign In

  • Sign in securely on any desktop with Revu installed and access all the features corresponding to your Bluebeam Plan.
Bluebeam Plans allow you to access Revu 21, Studio, and Bluebeam Cloud on up to five devices using a single login.

Tool Chest Anywhere

  • Send your Tool Chest directly to Bluebeam Cloud and access many of your favorite tools on any web or iOS device.

Your Tools Anywhere


  • Enjoy added support for Revit, AutoCAD and Navisworks 2023.

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where selecting fonts in DPT would crash Revu.
  • Fixed an issue where text added to a text box was not being recorded in a Session.
  • Fixed an issue where check-in information was not updated in the SharePoint version history dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where signatures were incorrectly showing as invalid.
  • Fixed an issue with Bluebeam Administrator settings for Bluebeam PDF printer.
  • Fixed an issue with AutoCAD plugin not respecting an option for deleting temporary files.
  • Fixed an issue with converting an Outlook email to a PDF.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows updates were crashing Revu for deployed installations.
  • Fixed multiple issues with IGC digital certificates significantly increasing file size.
  • Fixed an issue with editing multi-page files with broken Bookmarks.
  • Fixed an issue with Office plugin not converting files with overlapping images.


Revu 21

Release Notes

Revu 21 makes it easy to securely access your work and collaborate anywhere by logging into any desktop with Revu installed.

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