Bluebeam PDF printer doesn’t install | Revu 21

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Applies to:

  • Core
  • Complete
The Bluebeam PDF printer plugin appears for all subscribers, but it is active only for Bluebeam Core and Bluebeam Complete subscribers.


  • PDF files can’t be created.
  • The Bluebeam PDF printer doesn’t exist in the Administrator after installation.
  • When attempting to reinstall the printer, the installation fails.


There are two possible solutions:

Restart the Port Monitor

Restart the Port Monitor and reinstall the printer.

  1. On your Windows computer, click Start and type Bluebeam Administrator 21.
  2. Right-click Bluebeam Administrator 21 and select Run as Administrator.
  3. Click the Printer tab.
  4. If the printer Name field is blank, click Reinstall Printer.
  5. Click Restart.

Try using the Bluebeam PDF printer again.

Use a Windows administrator account to reinstall the printer

This procedure requires a Windows administrator account. If your Windows account is not an administrator account, you do not have permission to reinstall the printer and should contact your IT administrator to do so. 

  1. Log out of Windows, then log in using the local administrator account.
  2. Start Bluebeam Administrator 21.
  3. Click the Printer tab.
  4. Click Reinstall Printer.

Try using the Bluebeam PDF printer again.


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Find out how to troubleshoot the Bluebeam PDF printer if it fails to install.

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