Studio and Bluebeam Cloud Comparison Guide


At Bluebeam, we understand the importance of collaboration for projects of any scale. With our latest solution, Bluebeam Cloud, teams can upload project documents and digitally collaborate via web/app access. How does this compare to Studio Sessions and Projects, the collaborative tools built into Revu? We’ve created this quick guide to help you choose the solution that best fits your project’s needs!

While Studio Sessions is available on Bluebeam Cloud, the features listed under Sessions apply primarily to Revu.
Studio Sessions Studio Projects Bluebeam Cloud
Studio Sessions is comparable to a virtual plan room, where project partners from around the globe can add markups and communicate on drawings in real time. All markup activity is tracked, and a built-in chat feature enhances an intuitively collaborative experience.
Studio Projects is a simple but powerful document management system in the cloud. Upload PDFs and other file types, then invite project partners to check out and edit those files from anywhere.
Bluebeam Cloud is our new suite of web and mobile solutions that seamlessly connect with your documents and tool sets in Revu. With Bluebeam Cloud, you can comment and collaborate on your project documents or manage punch, RFI, and submittal workflows on-the-go with no set-up or installation required.
  • Design Review
  • Desktop-based
  • Document Management
  • Desktop-based
  • Design Review
  • Document Management
  • Field Collaboration
  • Web-based (iOS/mobile)
For more information about the key features available in Bluebeam Cloud for each subscription plan, please see this article. For more details about the Revu markups/tools available in Studio for each subscription plan, click here.

Quick Comparison

Question Sessions Projects Bluebeam Cloud
How many attendees can join? 500 Unlimited Unlimited
How many files can we upload? 5,000 Unlimited Unlimited
What files are supported? PDF Any file format PDF
What’s the maximum file size? 1 GB each Unlimited 4 GB each
What’s the maximum markup size? 10 MB each Unlimited Unlimited
How much total storage is available? Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Can attendee access rights be managed? Yes Yes Yes
Can previous file revisions be viewed and restored? No Yes No
Are notifications about file and user activity available? Yes Yes Yes
Can markup alerts be sent and received? Yes No No
Do all collaborators need a Bluebeam subscription? No No No


Sessions Projects Bluebeam Cloud
  • Windows OS
  • iPad
  • Windows OS
  • iPad
  • Web browser
  • iOS app
  • Studio Projects
  • Studio Sessions

Common Solutions

Sessions Projects Bluebeam Cloud
  • Facilitates live collaboration while maintaining accountability for users’ markups
  • Enforces deadlines with Session expiration dates
  • Offers a robust offline option
  • Provides a log of activity
  • Supports large projects with long-term lifecycles
  • Allows for full PDF editing capabilities
  • Offers high-level access/control for projects with multiple stakeholders
  • Provides trackable revision control
  • Requires no installation
  • Facilitates quick onboarding
  • Streamlines field workflows (RFI, Punch and Submittals)
  • Provides live collaboration in a flexible environment
  • Allows users to edit other users’ markups
  • Ensures users are working with the latest and greatest document via single-source document management

Key Functionalities

Sessions Projects Bluebeam Cloud
  • Access records and reporting
  • Utilize unlimited offline mode
  • Access full Revu markup capability (i.e., Basics, Core, Complete)
  • Keep project organized with Check-In/Check-Out process
  • See revision history for files
  • Set permission levels for users, groups of users, and folders for greater document security
  • Access full Revu markup capability (i.e., Basics, Core, Complete)
  • Access the following Field Tools on-the-go:
    • Punch
    • RFI
    • Submittals
Field Tools are only available for users with Core and Complete subscriptions.

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