Full Screen Toolbar

The Full Screen toolbar contains tools commonly needed when Revu is in a Full Screen mode, including Tablet Mode, and is only available in one of those modes. The Full Screen toolbar is floating, allowing the user to position it in any convenient location.

Tools commonly found on this toolbar are described below. For a complete list of tools that can be placed on a toolbar and more information about customizing them, see Tools and Toolbars. Note, however, that before customizing the Full Screen toolbar, you need to be in a Full Screen mode.

 Select (V): Use to select one or more markups.

 Pan (SHIFT+V): Click and drag to pan the image.

Escape: Simulates pressing the ESC key on the keyboard.

 Pen (P): Adds a free-drawn markup.

 Highlight (H): Adds a semi-transparent line simulating a highlighter.

 Eraser (SHIFT+E): Removes pen and highlighter markups.

 Text Box (T): Places a text box markup.

Callout (Q): Adds a text callout markup.

 Cloud (C): Adds a polygon with a cloud-like appearance preset.

Line Width: Sets the width (in points) for the line and its ends. Use the Line Width setting in the Properties tab to set values that are not included in the list.

Line Color: Opens a color selector to define the color for line and outline elements of the currently selected markup. The rectangle under the pen icon denotes the currently selected color.

Camera (CTRL+ALT+I). Opens the Camera preview window.

Undo (CTRL+Z): Reverts to the previous document state. Click to the right for a menu of all undo actions available.  Selecting an item from this list will also undo all actions taken after the selected action.

Redo (CTRL+Y): Performs the last operation that was undone. Click to the right for a menu of all redo actions available.

Delete (DEL): Deletes the selected markup.

Full Screen (F11): Turns Full Screen mode on or off.

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