Calculation fields don’t update correctly when filling out a PDF form

Applies to:

  • Revu eXtreme


When filling out a form that you created in Revu eXtreme, a field designated to calculate a total fails to update or generates an incorrect value. Upon selecting the calculation field in the Forms panel (Alt+Q) and inspecting it further in the Form Field Properties panel under Calculate, you encounter a warning:

Calculation Field Warning Error
Warning: Calculation based on field not yet calculated. Check form calculation order.


This warning appears when a calculation field is ordered above its corresponding input fields within the form’s sequence.


To solve this issue, you’ll need to reorder the affected calculation field, so it appears below the fields it uses to compute. For example, when calculating the sum of values from multiple fields, the total calculation field needs to be listed last in the sequence.

Follow these steps to reorder the calculation field:

  1. Open the PDF form in Revu eXtreme.
  2. Go to Window > Panels > Forms (Alt+Q).
  3. In the upper-left corner of the Forms panel, click the dropdown menu.
    Forms Dropdown Menu
  4. Select Reorder Calculation Fields.
    Reorder Calculation Fields
  5. In the dialog box that appears, the affected calculation field will display a warning.
    Reorder Form Fields Dialog Box
  6. Click-and-drag the total calculation field below its input fields, and the warning should disappear.
    Moving the calculation field in the dialog box will restore its functionality but won’t adjust its position within the Forms panel. Select the field then click-and-drag to move it in the panel.
  7. Select OK.

Now, when you enter numerical values into the applicable form fields, the total will properly calculate. For more information about how to set up calculations for your PDF forms, see this article.

If you’re encountering a calculation error with a PDF form created by a third-party and don’t have Revu eXtreme, contact the file owner to let them know the calculation field ordering appears to be incorrect.


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Learn how to troubleshoot your PDF forms by reordering the calculation fields for correct, automated output.

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