Enabling Integrations in Studio Prime

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Learn how to enable Integrations in Bluebeam Studio Prime.

Studio Prime Integrations are not compatible with single sign-on (SSO). If your organization uses SSO with your Bluebeam account, you cannot use Studio Prime Integrations.


Before you can start using an Integration, you’ll need to meet these requirements:

  • Have an active Studio Prime subscription.
  • Get a valid Integration ID.
  • On-board users of the Integration as Members of the Studio Prime account.

Have an active Studio Prime subscription

Studio Prime subscriptions start at the 100-user level, and are rolled out to entire organizations. Companies that heavily use Studio Sessions and Studio Projects, and also need advanced administrative functionality, are great candidates for Studio Prime. To get started with Studio Prime, please contact us.

Get a valid Integration ID

You can enable an Integration with its Integration ID, a code that looks something like this: 07c91121-ed2x-46ab-a78b-97p8d2e6af1d. You can get the Integration ID from the developer of your Integration.

Onboard users of the Integration as Members of the Studio Prime account

For information about onboarding Members, please see the Studio Prime Guide.

All Integrations must be approved by Bluebeam’s Integrations team, which includes a Functionality and Authentication Guideline check. This approval ensures that the Integration does what it says it does, and that it meets our Authentication Security Guidelines. Integrators are fully responsible for supporting their Integrations. Bluebeam doesn’t guarantee the functionality, performance, or security of an Integration.

How to Enable an Integration from the Studio Prime Portal

Once your organization has met the requirements above, an Admin of the Studio Prime space can enable the Integration by following these steps:

  1. Log into the Bluebeam Studio Prime portal from your browser.
  2. Select Integrations in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the Add New button.

  4. Enter your Integration ID in the appropriate field and click Lookup.
  5. Verify that the correct Integration displays, and select Save.

All Members of your organization’s Studio Prime space may use the Integration.

Using an Integration for the First Time

The first time a Member of your Studio Prime space uses an Integration, they must authenticate and grant the access to Studio data. You should expect the following authentication process:

How you arrive at this step varies, depending on the implementation of the Integrator .
  1. Log in with your Studio account credentials.

    Be sure you are a Member of the Studio Prime account that has the Integration enabled.
  2. In the Grant Access to your Studio data page, select Allow.


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Learn how to enable integrations in Bluebeam Studio Prime and which requirements you should meet.


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