Revu 2018 Administration Guide – Revu Preferences

4. Revu Preferences

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  • Revu 2018

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The Preferences dialog is used for customizing Revu settings used by a single workstation or deployed across your organization. For example:

  • You can go to the File Access tab within the Interface category to configure a connection to Microsoft SharePoint or Bentley ProjectWise, which you can deploy to your user population.
  • If your organization uses Studio Enterprise to host their Sessions and Projects, you can set up this connection from within the Studio section.

Exporting Revu Preferences

If you would like to use a set of Revu Preferences across all or part of your organization, you can click Export in the lower left of the Preferences dialog and save them to a network share. The resulting RevuPrefences.xml file can be distributed as described in the Revu Deployment Guide.

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Learn how to customize Revu preferences in your deployment.

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