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When you try to create an account, log in, or upload files to Bluebeam Studio, you see this message:

Could not connect to Bluebeam Studio.


When this error message appears, the firewall ports used for Bluebeam Studio connections may be blocked due to your network security policies.

Alternatively, depending on your country or region, Bluebeam may be restricting access to Studio services due to the export laws of the United States and other jurisdictions. Learn more in the Trade and Export Law section of General Services and Software Terms of Use.

This error may also be caused by an issue with our cloud services, which will be indicated at the top of the page. You can check the Bluebeam Services Status Page for more detailed information.


Contact your IT department to confirm if the ports listed below are unblocked for the indicated hosts:

Global Services:




US Environment:


UK Environment:


AUS Environment:


DE Environment:


SE Environment:


Revu is proxy aware, and automatically uses your proxy if its configuration is recognized as valid. To force Revu to use the proxy, select Revu > Preferences (Ctrl+K), and choose Studio in the sidebar. From the Options tab, select Force Proxy Use.

If it’s necessary to input an IP address to open the above ports (instead of the hostname, which is preferred), you may perform a nameserver lookup or ping the above hosts for their current IP addresses. Please contact your IT department for more information.


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