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An update is a software patch that delivers bug fixes and other minor improvements within a major version of Revu. For example, going from Revu 20 to Revu 20.1 is considered an update. Custom settings, stamps, profiles, and tool sets are retained when you update Bluebeam Revu. When the update is installed, your settings and files will be automatically copied to the appropriate locations. You can update from within Revu or manually. This article covers both update methods.

This article addresses updating Revu to the latest version. If you’re installing Revu for the first time, see the Revu Installation Guide.

How to update within Revu 21

The quickest and easiest way is to update within the in-app installer, which verifies the installed build and version and quickly guides you through the installation process.

To avoid installation conflicts, please make sure you’ve saved all of your work and closed all open applications. Windows may need to restart when the update is complete.
  1. Open and log into Revu 21.
  2. Select Help > Check for Updates. If updates are available, the Update Revu dialog box appears containing release notes for the latest version.
  3. Select Download.
  4. From the Ready to Update dialog box, select Install and follow the on-screen prompts to save your work or to close any running applications (if necessary).
  5. From the InstallShield dialog box, select Install.
  6. After the installation completes, select Finish.

Direct downloads of the update file

To manually update Revu 21, visit the Download Center and choose the update file specific to your version of Revu.

We encourage you to update using Check for Updates (as shown above) whenever possible to ensure that the update file always matches your version of Revu.


Revu 21


The quickest and easiest way to update to Revu 21 is to update within the in-app installer. Revu will verify the build and version you have installed and quickly guide you through the installation process.

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