My Workspace in Bluebeam Cloud

Applies to:

  • Bluebeam Cloud — Web

After signing into Bluebeam Cloud with your Bluebeam ID (BBID), you’ll first see My Workspace, a personal digital desk where you can upload, share, and mark up drawings outside a project.

My Workspace landing page with Shared With Me

To upload files, either drag and drop or browse for them on your device. My Workspace currently supports PDFs only.

If you need to collaborate on a specific project you created or were invited to, select Projects in the left sidebar.


After uploading a PDF to your workspace, select the drawing to open it. Just as in Projects, you’ll have access to markups, the Tool Chest, and Comments and Shapes if you have Member or Admin permissions.

To get back to My Workspace after working in Projects, click or tap the Bluebeam logo in the upper left corner of the window.

Projects to My Workspace

Share drawings from My Workspace

You can share drawings in your personal workspace with specifc project team members and/or stakeholders.

Non-subscribers without a Bluebeam Plan (Basics, Core, or Complete), iOS/Android users, and collaborators with Viewer permissions can’t share documents in My Workspace.
  1. Right-click an uploaded document and select Share.
  2. Enter email addresses for the team member(s) who should have access to the drawing.
    Alternatively, select Copy Link to send a link to a colleague via email. Be sure to first select permissions before copying the link (see below).
  3. Select permissions from the dropdown for the My Workspace collaborator(s).
  4. Press the send button.Sharing in My Workspace send button
  5. Repeat the steps above for individuals or groups that need a different type of access (view vs. mark up).

After sending invitations via the dialog, the invitees will receive an email notification where they can access the document. The document will also be available in the Shared with Me tab in My Workspace when they sign in again.

Invitees without a subscription plan can only view a file, while collaborators with a Basics account and/or Viewer permissions can access markups, the Tool Chest, and Comments and Shapes for documents shared with them via My Workspace.

Rename or delete drawings

If you need to rename or remove a PDF in your workspace, right-click the file thumbnail and select either option.

My Workspace in Read-only mode

With a Read-only account or Viewer permissions, you won’t have the option to upload drawings to My Workspace. However, you can be invited to collaborate in Projects.

Read-only My Workspace
To utilize My Workspace, you’ll need a Basics, Core, or Complete subscription paired with Member/Admin permissions.

After your subscription plan or trial expires, your account automatically switches to Read-only. You’ll still be able to open and view drawings previously uploaded to My Workspace, but you won’t be able to place markups or comments on them. To restore or request access to a Bluebeam Plan, reach out to the Org Admin for your Bluebeam account.

Bluebeam Cloud




With our new mobile/browser solution, Bluebeam Cloud, you can use My Workspace as your own personal digital desk for storing and marking up PDFs.

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