Getting Started with Bluebeam Account Management | Revu 21

Applies to:

  • Basics
  • Core
  • Complete
Upgrading from an older version? Revu 21 uses a subscription platform where user access is managed by Bluebeam ID (BBID) and no longer requires registration of serial numbers and product keys. Revu 20 & below licenses are still managed through the Bluebeam Gateway.

What is a Bluebeam Org Admin?

After purchasing a Bluebeam Plan, you’ll receive an email invitation to manage your Bluebeam Solutions as an Org Admin. As the license owner, the Org Admin can add new users, track subscription allocations, and manage user access.

After activating your Bluebeam account as an Org Admin, you must log into the Subscription Management Portal and assign a subscription to yourself before you can get started with Revu 21 and Bluebeam Cloud. For more information about the Subscription Management Portal, click here.

About the Subscription Management Portal

Org Admins must log into the Subscription Management Portal to manage user subscriptions. Within this portal, you can:

  • View your account details
  • Give yourself end user permissions (for access to Revu 21 and Bluebeam Cloud)
  • Add other Org Admins to allow specified users to view and manage your subscriptions
  • Add end users and assign them to Bluebeam Plans
  • Reassign or deactivate end users

After you add users and assign them access to a Bluebeam Plan (Basics, Core, or Complete), they’ll receive an email that invites them to create a Bluebeam ID (BBID), which will give them access to their subscription.

For more detailed information, visit the Bluebeam Subscription Management Guide.

Log into the Subscription Management Portal.

Revu 21, Bluebeam Cloud, and Bluebeam University

After the invitation email, each end user will receive a welcome email containing information about features available to them in Revu 21 and Bluebeam Cloud and how to get started with each product. End users will also receive an email containing a unique invitation link to Bluebeam University, where they can access on-demand, self-guided training courses designed to help them to maximize their productivity with Revu.

Bluebeam Plans allow you to access Revu 21, Studio, and Bluebeam Cloud on up to five devices using a single login.

Revu 21

Revu 21 is a desktop application for Microsoft Windows that must be downloaded from our Download Center and installed on the end user’s computer. If you plan to deploy Revu 21 to your organization, you can find more information and detailed instructions in the Bluebeam Revu 21 Deployment Guide.

Access to Revu 21 requires a valid BBID to login. If you plan to deploy Revu 21, be sure to add end users and assign them to a Bluebeam Plan before you deploy Revu 21, so they can create their BBID first. For more more pre-deployment tips, please see the Bluebeam Subscription Implementation Guide.

Bluebeam Cloud

Bluebeam Cloud can be accessed from any device on the web at or through the Bluebeam Cloud iOS app available from the Apple App Store. Users can log into Bluebeam Cloud with the same Bluebeam ID they use to log into Revu.

Learning Center

In addition to reviewing the information provided in the Welcome Email, we recommend you check out the Learning Center, which contains how-to articles for Revu and Bluebeam Cloud, training videos, and additional resources.

Enterprise Resources

If you want to deploy Revu 21 across your organization, you can find additional resources for implementation, deployment, and management on the Revu 21 IT Admin Resources page.

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