Revu 21 subscription features comparison

To confirm which subscription plan you have, log into Revu 21 and select your account email address in the upper right corner.

Subscription Account

You can still access Studio without a Bluebeam Plan but will need a Bluebeam ID (BBID) to log in. For more information about working in Revu 21 without a subscription, see this article.

With a Basics subscription or Read-only account, certain tools and menu items will be grayed out. You must have a Complete subscription for full access to features.

Subscription features

To view the particular Revu 21 features and functions available with Basics, Core, and Complete subscriptions, select a category below.

For more information about subscription plan features in Bluebeam Cloud, visit this article.
PDF Management
Feature Basics Core Complete
Create a table of contents from Bookmarks
Apply password protection and set permissions
Open + view Sets
Add and edit headers + footers
Create bookmarks + page labels
Combine PDFs
Customize page sizes + resize pages
Embed file attachments
Edit PDFs (erase content, cut content, and edit text)
Extract, delete, rotate, + insert pages
Preserve hyperlinks
Reduce file size
Split documents
Batch apply stamps
Create and edit Forms
Create/edit form fields
Automatic bookmarks + page labels from PDF content  
Overlay Pages  
Compare Documents  
Color Processing  
Search for symbols  
Tag files to sort  
Create, modify, and add files to Sets  
Manage preferences for Sets  
PDF Creation and File Conversions
Feature Basics Core Complete
OCR for turning scanned images into text-searchable PDFs
Export scanned PDFs as Microsoft files
One-click PDF creation + batch (Microsoft Office + Outlook)
Convert any Windows file using the Bluebeam PDF Printer
One-click 2D PDF creation + batch (AutoCAD, Revit, + Solidworks)  
Create 3D PDFs (from IFC or U3D files)  
One-click 3D PDF creation  
Transfer hyperlinks from AutoCAD files  
Batch convert files (AutoCad, Revit, + SolidWorks)  
Convert Revit Rooms to Revu Spaces  
Import sheet sets from AutoCAD  
Import files with SHX fonts from AutoCAD  
Tools and Markups
Feature Basics Core Complete
Annotate PDFs with custom markups
Assign markups to layers
Flatten PDF markups
Import PDF markups
Redact PDF content permanently
Translate markups to different languages
Save custom tools to toolsets
Access and apply alignment tools
Create + add dynamic/interactive stamps
2D image markups
Insert and assign hyperlinks to a specific area
Add digital signature fields + digital IDs
Track all digital signatures + certificates
Add Actions to markups and tools
Calibrate tool sets for PDFs with different scales/viewports
Apply sequences to markups in the Tool Chest
Capture + embed media Photos only
Markup + manipulate 3D PDFs View only
Create + save markup legends to toolsets  
Create custom hatch patterns  
View + apply custom hatch patterns  
Manage line styles (i.e., add, modify, import, and export line styles)  
Create calibrated markups with sketch to scale  
Feature Basics Core Complete
Apply measurements with different scales using viewports
Access to preset scales
Full access to measurement tools Length + Area only
Apply scale to custom page range Current page or all pages
Transfer measurement totals to Excel using quantity link    
Generate markups, measurements, and spaces with dynamic fill    
Studio and Integrations
Feature Basics Core Complete
Integrate with SharePoint + ProjectWise
Upload files to Bluebeam Cloud + sync PDFs locally
Sync Studio Project files locally for offline editing
Check out or check in existing files
Revoke check out
Add new files to existing Projects
Add new files to existing Sessions
Update server copy of existing files
Open existing Session/Project files
Save existing Project files locally
Save copies of Session files locally
Manage notifications for Sessions and Projects
Send markup alerts in an active Session
Collaborate in real-time with Studio Sessions
Create new Sessions and/or Projects  
Edit settings for Sessions and/or Projects  
Markups List and Automation
Feature Basics Core Complete
Track + manage annotations via the Markups List
Filter + sort markups/comments
Create + save custom filters
Create custom columns
Automatic form creation to convert PDFs into forms
Generate + export a PDF summary of Markups List data for multiple files
Generate + export a CSV, PDF, or XML summary of Markups List data PDF only
Create custom statuses  
Add formula custom columns for takeoff calculations  
Batch Compare Documents for multiple drawing revisions  
Batch Slip Sheet for complex file sets with new revisions    
Batch Link for automatic navigational hyperlinks across multiple PDFs    
Batch process hyperlinks for large document sets    
Batch Sign & Seal for multiple PDFs    
Implement scripting commands    
Use Spaces to track + generate Markups List PDF summaries    
Create Markups List PDF summaries with customized filter + sort options    
Plugins and Apps
Feature Basics Core Complete
Bluebeam Administrator
Bluebeam PDF Printer
Bluebeam Stapler
Microsoft Office  
Microsoft Outlook  
Internet Explorer  
Microsoft Excel | Quantity Link    

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