The edge is cut off when creating PDFs in AutoCAD

Applies to:

  • Revu 21
  • Revu 20
  • Revu 2019
  • Revu 2018
  • Revu 2017 & below


When creating a PDF from an AutoCAD drawing using the Bluebeam plugin, the edges of your drawing are cut off, making it incomplete.


You may need to change the printable area of each page size in your Bluebeam .pc3 files.


The printable area for each page size is defined in the .pc3 files of the Bluebeam plugin, which can be changed using the AutoCAD Plotter Configuration Editor.

Although it isn’t recommended to modify these files, an advanced user may choose to do so. We strongly recommend backing up the original .pc3 files before making any edits.

The .pc3 files for the Bluebeam plugin for AutoCAD were created using the AutoCAD Plotter Configuration Editor. These .pc3 files were created specifically for the plugin and can’t be accessed from the AutoCAD Print dialog. The files included with Revu are listed below:

Plugin using Printer Driver
AutoCAD 2010 and above Bluebeam PDF10 Printer HighRes.pc3, Bluebeam PDF10 Printer MedRes.pc3
Plugin using Heidi Driver
AutoCAD 2010 and above Bluebeam PS10 HighRes.pc3, Bluebeam PS10 MedRes.pc3
Plugin creating DWF output
AutoCAD 2010 and above Bluebeam DWF10.pc3
Folder containing PC3 files
Revu 2016 – Revu 21 C:\ProgramData\Bluebeam Software\Bluebeam Revu\2018\Pushbutton PDF\AutoCAD\PC3 (where 2018 is the Revu version)
Revu 10 – 2015 C:\ProgramData\Bluebeam Software\Bluebeam Revu\Pushbutton PDF\AutoCAD\PC3
Revu 9 & below C:\Users\All Users\Bluebeam Software\Pushbutton PDF\AutoCAD\PC3
By default, the ProgramData folder is hidden in the Windows File Explorer. Depending on your version, follow the steps below to access it.
  • In Windows 11, 10, and 8.1: Go to the View tab in the File Explorer and select the Hidden items checkbox.
  • In Windows 7 SP1 and Vista: Go to Organize > FolderSearch Options. When the Folder Options dialog opens, select the View tab and enable the Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives option.

After accessing and backing up your .pc3 files, follow the steps below to update the printable area:

  1. Edit the PC3 file.
    1. Close AutoCAD.
    2. In your File Explorer, navigate to the folder containing the .pc3 files (see above).
    3. Double-click the .pc3 file you need to edit, and the Plotter Configuration Editor will open.
    4. Go to the Device and Documentation Settings tab.
    5. From the list, select Modify Standard Paper Sizes (Printable Area).
    6. From the Modify Paper Standards list, select the page size to edit.
    7. Select Modify and change the values.
    8. Click Next and then Finish.
    9. Repeat for the other page sizes.
    10. Select OK to save the changes and close the Plotter Configuration Editor.
  2. Rebuild the AutoCAD page sizes.
    1. Select Start and enter Bluebeam Administrator in the search bar.
    2. Right-click Bluebeam Administrator and select Run as Administrator.
    3. Go to the AutoCAD Page Sizes tab.
    4. Select Clear and then Rebuild.
    5. Switch to the Plugins tab.
    6. Deselect the AutoCAD checkbox and click Apply.
    7. Select the AutoCAD checkbox and click OK.
    8. Restart AutoCAD.

Because the settings are stored on a per page-size basis, the margins of your drawing must be updated for each page size. After updating the printable area in your .pc3 files and readjusting the margins in your drawing(s), create a PDF to test your changes.

Changes made in your .pc3 files affect all PDFs created with the Bluebeam plugin for AutoCAD. If you need to contact Bluebeam Support, please let us know if you’ve made changes to your page sizes.
These changes do not affect the Bluebeam PDF printer. PC3 files for the Bluebeam PDF printer and plugin using the printer driver cannot be shared between computers or stored in a common location on a network.

Additional custom page sizes can be created for the AutoCAD plugin and Bluebeam PDF printer using the Bluebeam Administrator. For more information, visit this article.


Revu 2017 & Below

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Revu 2019

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If the edges of your drawing are cut off when creating a PDF from AutoCAD using the Bluebeam plugin, learn how to change the printable area of each page size in the Bluebeam .pc3 files.

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