Revu Menu

The Revu menu contains tools for managing the usage of the application. It is accessed by clicking Revu on the Menu bar.

About Revu : Shows the Bluebeam Revu dialog box containing information about the installed application, including version and serial number.

Register/Unregister: Registers or unregisters the application.

Preferences: Opens the Preferences dialog box to customize Revu settings.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Launches the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box, from which users can review and customize the keyboard shortcuts used by Revu.

Hide Revu: Hides Revu on the desktop, leaving any other, open applications shown.

Hide Others: Hides all other applications on the desktop, leaving only Revu shown.

Show All: Brings any hidden applications back to the desktop.

Quit Revu: Closes the application.