Markups Toolbar

The Markups toolbar provides easy access to several Text, Pen, Line, and Shape markups.

 Text Box (T): Places a text box markup.

Typewriter (W): Enables freely typing text on a PDF.

  Note (N): Inserts a sticky note.

 Pen (P): Adds a free-drawn markup.

 Highlight (H): Adds a semi-transparent line simulating a highlighter.

Line (L): Adds a line markup.

 Arrow (A): Adds an arrow markup.

Arc (SHIFT+C): Adds a curve markup.

Polyline (SHIFT+N): Adds a polyline markup.

Callout (Q): Adds a text callout markup.

Dimension (SHIFT+L):  Adds a dimension or leader line markup.

Rectangle (R): Adds a rectangular markup.

  Ellipse (E): Adds an elliptical markup.

  Polygon (SHIFT+P): Adds a polygon markup with no set angles.

 Cloud (C): Adds a polygon with a cloud-like appearance preset.

Cloud+ (K): Adds a polygon markup with a cloud-like appearance and callout box preset.

Image (I): Places an existing graphic image as a markup on the current PDF.