Edit Menu

The Edit menu provides commands and menus pertaining to object and text manipulation. It is accessed by clicking Edit on the Menu bar.

Undo (+Z): Reverts to the previous document state.  A history is maintained of operations so repeated undos sequentially undo each previous operation.

Redo (+Y): Performs the last operation that was undone. If multiple undos were performed, then Redo will sequentially re-apply the operations that were undone.

 Cut (+X): Cuts the selected markup and places it on the clipboard.

 Copy (+C): Copies information from a markup or the content onto the clipboard while leaving it in place.

 Paste (+V): Pastes a markup from the clipboard onto the PDF.

Paste in Place (SHIFT+⌘+V): Pastes content in the exact position that it was cut or copied from.

Delete (DEL): Deletes the selected markup.

Select All (+A): Selects all markups in the currently active PDF.

Select menu:

 Select Text (SHIFT+T): Click and drag to select text within a region.

Select All Text : Selects all text in the currently active PDF page.

 Pan (SHIFT+V): Click and drag to pan the image.

 Select (V): Use to select one or more markups.

Select All (+A): Selects all markups in the currently active PDF.

 Lasso (SHIFT+O): Draw a free-form shape to select one or more markups.

Cut Content: Removes image or text data from the content stream of a PDF and at the same time moves that information into the clipboard so it can be pasted in Revu or another program.

Erase Content: Removes text, vectors, and images from documents.

Snapshot (G):Copies content (and markups if the Include Markups in Snapshots preference is enabled) from the PDF to the clipboard, from which it can be pasted into a Snapshot markup or another program.