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To move your Revu license onto a new computer, you’ll need to have your serial number and product key handy. 

Both your serial number and product key can be found on the License Certificate sent to the license owner from If you’ve lost this information, contact us to request a new copy of your License Certificate.

Backing up and restoring settings

If you’d like to retain the same tool sets and profiles present on your old computer, you can do this by backing up your settings, and then restoring those settings onto a new computer. Be sure to save your backup file to a portable device, or upload it to a location you can access from your new computer.  

Stamps are not included in your Revu settings backup files. To import your stamps onto a new computer, see Backing up and restoring your stamps.

Transferring your license

Before beginning, make sure the source computer you are transferring from has a stable internet connection. You may also want to ensure that your version of Revu is compatible with the operating system and associated software on your new computer.

On the source computer

  1. Open Revu and go to Revu > Unregister. Close Revu after you have successfully unregistered. 
  2. On your computer, click the Start menu and then select Apps and Features (Programs and Features).
  3. Select Bluebeam Revu and click Uninstall. Follow the on-screen prompts to continue uninstalling the software.

On the destination computer

If you have not yet installed Revu on your new computer, follow the steps below:

  1. Download Revu onto your new computer. A download link for the software is included in the License Certificate. You can also download the software directly from our Download Center, but be sure to download the edition and version of the software listed on your License Certificate. 
  2. Install Revu. If you’re unfamiliar with the installation process, see the Revu Installation Guide for a step-by-step guide.
  3. During the installation, enter the serial number and product key when prompted. These are listed on the License Certificate you received from
    If you have already installed Revu onto the destination computer, you simply need to register your software on the new device by opening Revu, going to Revu > Register, and then entering the serial number and product key listed on your License Certificate.

Once the installation process is complete, your license of Revu will have been successfully transferred. You may need to restart Windows before launching Revu. Save your work and close any running applications before restarting.


For help with possible errors during the registration process, see Revu registration errors for a list of common solutions. If an issue persists, contact us for further installation and registration support.

Did you know you can transfer your Revu license to a new computer? Learn more about backing up your settings and follow our step-by-step guide here.

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