File Access - Configuring a DMS

In order to interface with a DMS directly through Revu, configure an interface for that DMS in Revu from the File Access preferences.

A few notes about managing Document Management System configurations:

  • You can have interfaces to multiple DMSs (for example, to both SharePoint and ProjectWise, or multiple installations of either, or even multiple folders/libraries within one installation) configured at the same time in Revu.
    • One common example of this is when a user needs access to two folders on a SharePoint server but does not have permissions to their common root folder. In this case, the user would simply need to set up two interfaces, one for each folder.
  • The DMS connection can be changed after its initial configuration by selecting the desired DMS connection and clicking Edit.  However, you cannot be logged into the system at the time (if you are, click Logout first).
  • While most settings like the DataSource and Login Information can be changed later, the Type cannot be changed.

  • As with editing a DMS connection, you must be logged out of the specified system before you can Delete the connection to it.