Advanced Text Toolbar

By default, the Advanced Text toolbar contains tools to perform operations on text in the content stream of the PDF. Tools commonly found on this toolbar are described below. The exact tools a user will see depends on their Profile and might not include all the tools mentioned here. For a complete list of tools that can be placed on a toolbar and more information about customizing them, see Tools and Toolbars.

If the toolbar is currently hidden, go to Tools > Toolbars and select it to show it.

Edit Text: Allows editing of text in the PDF content stream. Text added using this tool will not wrap; Edit Text is recommended for minor changes to text only.

 Review Text (SHIFT+ALT+R): Allows for marking text for edits without changing the text in the PDF.

 Underline (U): Underlines the typeface.

 Squiggly (SHIFT+U): Creates a squiggly line under the selected text.

Strikethrough (D): Strikes out the selected text without removing it.

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