Window Menu

The Window menu includes commands for controlling certain aspects of tabs, panels, and the main workspace. It is accessed by clicking Window on the Menu bar.

Minimize: Minimizes the application.

Restore: Restores the previous, non-maximized window size. Available only when the application screen is maximized.

WebTab (CTRL+T): Opens a WebTab in the workspace.

Full Screen (F11): Shows the PDF in full screen mode. A small toolbar will display at the top right of the screen. Move the cursor to the top of the screen to display the document tabs. Revu will display 'Always on Top' of other windows. Press CTRL+F12 to toggle 'Always on Top'. Press F11 again to exit.

Presentation (CTRL+ENTER): Shows the current PDF document in presentation mode. Press ESC to exit. Click or press the down arrow key or page down key to advance. Right-click or press the up arrow key or page up key to display the previous page.

Panels: Lists the available panels. Panels that are not currently hidden are highlighted. Select a panel to open it.

Hide/Show Panels (SHIFT+F4): Hides or shows the right, left, and bottom panel sliders.

Auto-Hide Panel Access: When enabled, the panel access bars found to the right and left of the main workspace will automatically hide themselves when their panels are hidden, freeing up more workspace. When the mouse is rolled over the border of one of these panel access bars, it will slide out, allowing you to open a panel.

Auto-Hide Tabs: When enabled, workspace tabs are automatically hidden. Hovering the mouse over the top of the workspace will slide these tabs out.

Always On Top (CTRL+F12): When enabled, keeps the Revu application over other applications which are open at the same time. Useful for keeping a marked up PDF easily accessible while incorporating changes and comments back into the CAD design.