Document Menu

The Document menu provide tools for manipulating PDFs. The tools available vary slightly betweenRevu Standard & CAD and Revu eXtreme. It is accessed by clicking Document on the Menu bar.

Document Properties (CTRL+D): Opens the Document Properties dialog box for the active PDF, providing general property information about the document, as well as security settings.

Page Setup: Launches the Page Setup dialog box to define page sizes and related behavior.

Rotate Pages (CTRL+SHIFT+R): Rotates one or more pages in 90-degree increments.

Insert Menu

Blank Page (CTRL+SHIFT+N): Inserts a blank page after the active page.

Pages from Document (CTRL+SHIFT+I): Inserts pages from other PDFs.

Layered Pages: Inserts pages from other PDFs; each PDF page will become a new layer within the current PDF.

From Scanner/Camera: Opens the Scanner dialog box to acquire images from a scanner or camera. Images captured result in new PDF pages.

Extract Pages (CTRL+SHIFT+X): Removes or copies one or more pages from the Document to a new PDF file.

Split Document: Split documents into separate files based on either Page Count or File Size.

Replace Pages (CTRL+SHIFT+Y): Replaces the content of the page while keeping the markup information.

Delete Pages (CTRL+SHIFT+D): Removes one or more pages from the PDF.

Crop Pages (SHIFT+ALT+O): Crops the page to remove unwanted content.

Number Pages: Changes the page labels that appear in the thumbnail view.

Create Page Labels: Opens the Create Page Labels dialog box, allowing for the creation of page labels in the PDF from either bookmarks or a selected region on the page.

Headers & Footers Menu

Add: Adds a new header and/or footer to the document.

Edit: Edits the document's existing header and/or footer.

Security (CTRL+L): Shows the current Security setting of the PDF and allows you to Change Permissions.

Compare Documents: Launches the Compare Documents dialog to highlight the differences between multiple documents.

Overlay Pages: Reveals the differences between the pages of two PDF files by creating a single layered PDF from those pages.

OCR: Opens the OCR dialog box, which transforms an image of text into text that can be searched and copied. Available in Revu eXtreme only.

Script: Starts the Script Manager, from which you can automate various tasks. Available in Revu eXtreme only.

Translate Markups: Translates the text of markups among several languages.

Color Processing: Opens the Color Processing dialog box to change colors of vector and raster image data in the PDF.

Reduce File Size: Analyzes the active PDF and determines unused elements that can be removed to reduce its file size.

Repair PDF: Processes a PDF to address specific display issues.

Archive as PDF/A: Exports a PDF that complies to the PDF/A1-b standard for archiving.

Flatten (CTRL+SHIFT+M): Flattens markups in the current document, moving them from the markup stream into the main body of the PDF, rendering them uneditable.

Unflatten (CTRL+SHIFT+U): Recovers markups that have previously been flattened, if Allow Markup Recovery was selected when the markups were originally flattened.