Revu on Tablets

Revu is compatible with touch-screen tablet PCs. It will recognize when a stylus is used, automatically configuring touch input to target, pan, zoom and selection while stylus input handles all other tools. When a stylus is not detected, touch input targets all functionality. This option can be changed so touch input targets all functionality regardless of the presence of a stylus in the Tablet Preferences.

In addition, you might find it advantageous to use Full Screen mode in order to maximize the viewable area for the user. Go to Window > Full Screen to activate it. When in this mode, you will have access to the Full Screen toolbar, a configurable, floating toolbar with tools that can be useful to touch-screen tablet PC users, including specialized Shift and Escape icons to simulate the use of the SHIFT and ESC keys when a keyboard is not available.

Note: It might be necessary to enable one or both of these icons on the Full Screen toolbar. See Customizing Toolbars for more information.

You can exit Full Screen mode any time by tapping the Full Screen button at the bottom of the floating toolbar, if desired.

Frequent tablet PCs users might also want to create and customize one or more toolbars and/or create a custom Profile for use on their tablet PCs.