Studio Groups

Studio Groups collects multiple Studio users into a single unit, allowing you to set permissions for all of them at the same time instead of doing it for each person individually. After you have defined a Group, it can be used in any Session or Project you own or create.

When creating Groups, keep in mind that Revu will allow somebody to be in multiple Groups within the same Session or Project; when this occurs, that person's permissions will default to whichever is the most restrictive. As such, adding somebody who is already in a Group to a second Group might not have the desired effect, either by not granting expected permissions (because the first Group's are more restrictive), or by imposing undesired restrictions (because the second Group's are more restrictive).

Only the owner's Groups can be used in a Project or Session, whether the owner is the person who created the Project or Session or somebody who has had ownership transferred to them. Administrators (that is, users with Full Control permissions within the Project or Session) can view the owner's Groups and use them for certain tasks in the Project or Session, but they cannot add or remove people from those Groups, nor can they use their own Groups.