Shapes Toolbar

By default, the Shapes toolbar contains tools to create various, unmeasured shape markups. For measured shapes, see the Measurements panel.

Tools commonly found on this toolbar are described below. The exact tools a user will see depends on their Profile and might not include all the tools mentioned here. For a complete list of tools that can be placed on a toolbar and more information about customizing them, see Tools and Toolbars.

If the toolbar is currently hidden, go to Tools > Toolbars and select it to show it.

Line (L): Adds a line markup.

 Arrow (A): Adds an arrow markup.

Arc (SHIFT+C): Adds a curve markup.

Polyline (SHIFT+N): Adds a polyline markup.

Callout (Q): Adds a text callout markup.

Dimension (SHIFT+L):  Adds a dimension or leader line markup.

Rectangle (R): Adds a rectangular markup.

  Ellipse (E): Adds an elliptical markup.

  Polygon (SHIFT+P): Adds a polygon markup with no set angles.

 Cloud (C): Adds a polygon with a cloud-like appearance preset.

Cloud+ (K): Adds a polygon markup with a cloud-like appearance and callout box preset.

Image (I): Places an existing graphic image as a markup on the current PDF.

 Crop Image: Crops an image markup.

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