Revu Menu

The Revu menu contains tools for managing the usage of the application. It is accessed by clicking Revu on the Menu bar.

About: Shows the Bluebeam Revu dialog box containing information about the installed application, including version and serial number.

  Preferences (CTRL+K): Opens the Preferences dialog box to customize Revu settings.

View Mode: When enabled, Revu enters a semi-functional mode designed to facilitate viewing PDFs, either stored locally or through Studio. This mode is primarily intended for users with an unregistered copy of Revu; if you have a registered copy of Revu, you will probably want to use Markup Mode.

Markup Mode: When enabled, Revu enters the fully functional, licensed mode.

Profiles: Contains a list of profiles currently available. The current profile is checked; select a profile to make it active. Also contains tools for saving and managing profiles.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Launches the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box, from which users can review and customize the keyboard shortcuts used by Revu.

Administrator: Launches the Bluebeam Revu Administrator application.

Register/Unregister: Registers or unregisters the application.

Exit: Closes the application.