Understanding Relative vs Full Paths

Sometimes Revu needs to store information regarding the link between two files. For example, when a hyperlink is configured to open another PDF, Revu needs to know where that PDF resides. Similarly, there are aspects of Revu's Profiles called "dependencies" (tool sets, hatch patterns, line style sets, and bookmarks Structures™) that exist as separate files (so they can be shared); in order to access them when in a given Profile, Revu needs to know where these dependency files are.

To this end, Revu has two ways of storing the locations of files: by the full path to its folder (Full Path), or relative to the location of whatever is accessing it (Relative Path). For most users, either choice will work fine in most situations. The distinction becomes important when either or both files are moved.

For the purposes of this discussion, we'll consider the case of a PDF (Able file.pdf) with a hyperlink on it that is configured to open a second PDF (Baker file.pdf), but the principles apply to Profile dependencies the same; just substitute Able file.pdf for the Profile and Baker file.pdf for the dependency.