Revu's markups Legend can help anyone looking at a PDF gain an easy understanding of the markups in the document.

Presented in a table style, the Legend is a specialized markup with some dynamic properties. At a minimum, the Legend simply shows a symbol that represents a markup on the page with a correlating description, but taken a step further, other columns like measurements and quantities (or most anything found in the Markups list) can be added, providing a high-level summary for takeoff quantities or even the number and status of outstanding issues.

A Legend can show information about markups used on all or some of the pages in the document or just of those used on the current page. As markups are added to or removed from the associated pages, quantities for matching markups in the Legend are automatically updated. Additional columns can be added to provide more detail to the Legend and, as this detail is added, additional rows may be automatically created to differentiate between otherwise similar markups.